Structural Design


The types of buildings that we have designed, and which were built, in Canada include:
• Single-family homes
• Multi-storey residences
• Commercial bank branches (for major Canadian banks)
• Office buildings
• Audio recording facility
• Strip malls
• Public library
• Community centre
• Supermarket
• Warehouse (sorting facility) for a major mail carrier
• Pharmaceutical plant
• Smelter building
• Power generator building
• Treatment plants for the oil and gas industry
• Modularized buildings

We have also designed the following non-building constructions:
• Pipe and duct supports
• Overhead power transmission lines
• Communication towers
• Electrical substations
• Industrial silo foundations
• Commercial signage supports

In addition, we have worked on heritage (historical) and other existing buildings.

Specifics of our portfolio are available upon request.