About Us


Nega Mezlekia is the pioneer behind the launching of Northern Engineering Design & Forensics (NEDF). Nega earned his M.A.Sc. in structural engineering from the University of Waterloo, and his Ph.D. from McGill University. He has more than two decades of Canadian engineering design experience.

Nega’s career began soon after he graduated from Waterloo in 1989. Employed by one of Canada’s most established engineering firms of the time, he was plunged into a major industrial design project. Nega spent two years at the firm before going back to school to finish his studies.

Having earned his Ph.D. in the spring of 1994, Nega resumed his engineering practice, and over the next two decades he worked on a wide range of buildings, including residential (both single and multi-family accommodations), commercial, heavy industrial and petrochemical. Always looking for challenges, he diversified his practice to include non-building constructions and structural forensic investigations.

Besides Nega, the firm has two more structural engineers, a draftswoman and an architectural designer / technologist. Our engineers may have different levels of design experience, but they are all adept at using reinforced concrete, structural steel, masonry and wood (both sawn lumber and engineered wood) as construction materials. Our architectural technologist has a bachelor’s degree and is qualified to perform architectural design of residential buildings up to three-storeys high.

Because of an ever-increasing demand for home renovation services, our architectural designer and one of our engineers devote a bulk of their time catering to homeowners’ needs. The types of home renovation projects that our staff routinely performs include removal of load-bearing walls, to link adjoining rooms; lowering of a basement floor, which may entail underpinning the perimeter walls and interior columns; adding a basement walkout; designing retaining walls; and additions to an existing building.

Before the start of each home renovation project, we visit the site and take measurements. We produce the necessary drawings based on the data that we have gathered. We handle each job from the start to finish, including the mechanical and electrical designs—we have collaborating firms that specialize in these fields. There are geotechnical (soil) engineers that we have worked with; we can get them to the site at a moment’s notice. In addition, we assist homeowners with reviewing contract documents and contractor credentials, tendering and bid submissions, zoning and municipal permit applications. Still, there is one more service that we can offer homeowners, because of our structural forensics expertise.

Construction disputes sometimes lead to lawsuits. Lawyers cannot decide on their own if their client’s case has a merit or not; they entrust the task to structural forensics engineers. At Northern Engineering Design & Forensics, we can now extend that experience to help homeowners make informed decisions.